Research and Developtment

Our passion for finding new solutions to the challenges posed by our customers and competitors, lead us to search for new ways to design and build more efficient and resilient structures.

Latest projects developed:

  • Fabrication of FRP rebar with outstanding mechanical and anticorrosive performance.
  • New lining for agitator impellers in a cooper treatment plant. Higher abrasion and chemical resistance versus rubber-lined solution.
  • Orthogonal filament winding with higher mechanical and corrosion resistance versus classical FW and contact molding.
  • FRP self-supporting chimney (without structure) with 30 guy cables in FRP and dimensions NB2000x80.000 - In cooperation with MTI-GLOBAL (Materials Technical Institute) Ollearis S.A. performed a comparative study between AD-Merblatt N1, BS 4994:1987, EN 13121 and ASME RTP-1 and its results were presented on MTI meeting in Savannah, Georgia on October 2013.


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