Our History

In its 80-year history, Ollearis SA has adapted its products and services to its client's needs, implementing new materials, new technologies and the latest developments in quality control to ensure the best service ever.

Year 1930 Foundation of Ollearis S.A as an industrial welding company in Badalona.   
Year 1940  Ollearis S.A Introduces the homogeneous lead welding (drop to drop)   
YEAR 1950

Ollearis S.A supplied its first tank fabricated in thermoplastic (PVC)   

YEAR 1960 Ollearis S.A fabricated it first tank in FRP (Fiberglass reinforced Plastic)   
YEAR 1970 Ollearis S.A Introduces in its range of products FRP large diameter tanks
YEAR 1980 Ollearis S.A opens its production plants of Sevilla,  Ollearis Mahgreb and Ollearis South Africa. Introduction of Filament Winding and Dual-laminated technologies. 
YEAR 1990

Ollearis Argentina started to operate. Introduction of vertical FW technology for on-site construction of large diameter equipment.

YEAR 2000

Ollearis S.A, is certified acording to the norm ISO 9001. Opens the production Plant in Brazil. 

YEAR 2010 Ollearis S.A, introduces Large diameter aboveground pressure piping.