Post - Delivery Services

All Post-Delivery Services are executed on-site to guarantee the perfect fit of all parts and pieces.

Site erection

Our installation teams work anywhere in the world where the customer requires our services so we may ensure the optimum installation. When oversized parts are involved, we have facilities for site-fabrication of large diameter equipment maintaining the same standards of quality and efficiency.

On-site inspection

Our team of experienced  inspectors can perform specific quality controls on-site on  new pipes or   structures, or on those with some years of operations to avoid accidents and unwanted production stops. Some of these checks are  vital to know the condition of the pipes and equipment. ( Acoustic Emission Testing, Barcol Hardness, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement, Visual Inspection, Support Inspection  pipe, Sample Extraction and subsequent analysis).

Repair and maintenance

We offer the ability to analyze and make repairs, modifications or improvements to equipment and pipes that have been made ​​by other manufacturers. We only use original raw materials  I all repairs, so under normal conditions;  you may get the same chemical and mechanical resistance results.